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收到UNSW官方通知,即刻起至2017年2月14日,符合硕士要求的中国申请人,UNSW将基于7学期成绩单清华认证递交凭证出具full offer或出coe,凭证需上传Myunsw

Due to the Chinese New Year and Chinese university winter holiday, there may be a delay in organising CDGDC transcript verification reports during this time.


This will affect all students commencing in semester 1, 2017. And it will also affect semester 2 commencements where a student has a UEEC packaged offer with UNSW Institute of Languages.


a) 2017年2月开学的学生

b) 7月前加配语言,预计2月或3月开始读UEEC的学生

Effective immediately until 14 February 2017, for eligible China-based postgraduate applications, where agents/students can provide proof they have applied for the CDGDC transcript verification report (with a minimum of a 7 semester transcript) we will continue to issue full offers to these students. You will need to upload proof of the submission to myUNSW.

即刻起至2017年2月14日,符合硕士要求的中国申请人,学校将基于7学期成绩单清华认证递交凭证出具full offer或出coe,凭证需上传Myunsw

Due to the closure of a number of Business School postgraduate programs for semester 1 2017 intake, the following programs are excluded for this: 


  • Master of Commerce (8404)
  • Master of Commerce (Ext) (8417)
  • Master of Prof Accounting (8409)
  • Master of Prof Accounting (Ext) (8415)
  • Master of Financial Analysis (8413)
  • Master of Finance (8406)

Please note, the official CDGDC transcript verification report is still required.

需注意:清华认证成绩单最终仍然是需要的,学生需要在census date之前提交

Post Author: Chen, Sandy